About us

Al Waab farm is situated in Qatar just 70 km north of Doha City.


The farm is a beautiful desert oasis of lush green pastures, plants, trees and lakes. It is home to many different species of wild animals, bird-life and of course the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. 


Al Waab in English means the "Lowlands" and is owned by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Bin Hamed Al Thani. Having noticed an incredibly old Samr tree that had grown strongly in the desert, Sheikh Abdulla new it was a land of not only true beauty but fruitful potential. This tree soon became the symbol of the farm and is for which the logo was designed.


Now, together with his family, he has created an incredible sanctuary for people and wildlife alike.

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However, it is 'The Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse' that truly captures Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Bin Hamad's heart, as it does for one of his son's Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Thani who is responsible for the Straight Egyptian Arabian breeding program. 


Both Sheikh Abdulla and Sheikh Ahmed are extremely passionate about the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse. This unique breed represents less than 4% of the total Arabian horse population, and as caretakers of the breed, it has become their objective to spread awareness, educate and support the smaller breeders to ensure the Straight Egyptian Arabian is here for many years to come. 


We look forward to sharing with you the Straight Egyptians Arabians of Al Waab Farm.  


Our Mission


Through the Al Waab Farm breeding program, inspire passion, educate and spread awareness about the Straight Egyptian Arabian. Helping ensure the breed is here to stay, continuing to grow in strength and beauty in Qatar and throughout the world.

Our Vision

To see the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse breed grow to prominence within the Arabian horse world, in both numbers and knowledge. 

The Al Waab Team


Al Waab Farm has assembled a team of experts in all aspects of caring for, breeding, training, showing and marketing our Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses. We have many decades of combined experience with horses and are always available to answer questions and help learn about the unique Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse. 


Leon Botha 



Leon Botha has been working with horses for over 30 years. He is an International Arabian Horse judge, and has successfully shown and trained horses to international level for halter and performance. He brings a varied array of talents, experience and knowledge to the Al Waab team. 

Mahesh Kapate

Vet Technician


Mahendra Kapate (Mahesh) joined Al Waab team in 2011 as a Vet Technician, he is originally from Nagpur, India. Mahesh has a diploma in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in 2007, from Nagpur Veterinary University. Mahesh has a great deal of experience in horse reproduction, neonatology and clinics.