Al Waab Farm is a leader, among many distinguished farms around the world, dedicated to preserving this exceptional breed - 'The Straight Egyptian Arabian'... 

Al Waab Farm has a world-class breeding laboratory with full-time vet, Daniel Fernandes Barbosa, ensuring they keep up with the latest in breeding and artificial breeding technologies. Daniel is extremely well versed in repro and medical veterinary, and always puts the horses health at the centre of every decision made. 

The horses care and well being is also of the utmost importance to both Sheikh Abdulla Bin Khalid Al Thani and Sheikh Ahmed Bin Abdulla Al Thani. The mares are kept in a herd situation in large pastures to ensure not only their physical but also mental health is well maintained and looked after. 

We are proud to share breedings to some of our world class Stallions to breeders in Qatar, for further details please read on below. 

Breeding Season 2021/2022

Open 13th October 2021*



1.   Fares Al Rayyan (Ansata Hejazi x G Shafaria)

2.   DF Malik Jamil (NK Hafid Jamil x Amouva)

3.   Tajweed Al Waab (Barraq El Aliya x Sara Al Jazira)

4.   Sinan Al Rayyan (Ansata Sinan x Al Wajba Al Rayyan)

5.   Barraq El Aliya (Ashhal Al Rayyan x Asrar Al Rayyan)

6. Wdeihi Al Waab (Farres x Zubaida Al Adiyat)

7. Shamal Al Waab (Fares Al Rayyan x Johara Al Rayyan)

8. SA Al Arabi (Barraq El Aliya x Shamah Al Rayyan)

*Open to horses residing in Qatar only.