Barraq El Aliya



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Barraq El Aliya

(Ashhal Al Rayyan x Asrar Al Rayyan)


2008 Stallion Dahman strain, and from the Bukra family through Ansata Selket. Barraq El Aliya is a powerhouse in the breeding barn and his results speak for themselves. 


Barraq El Aliya is not only a major Championship winner he is also a sire of Straight Egyptian World Championship winners, such as his son, Asfoor Al Waab (Barraq El Aliya x Sara Al Jazira) World Gold Champion at in Milan in 2017.


At 2016 All Nations Cup in Kuwait Barraq El Aliya sired the unanimous Gold Champion junior filly with Delielah Al Waab (Barraq El Aliya x Nabeela Saqr) and her full sister Ghazalah Al Waab was also awarded Gold Champion Yearling Filly.


Barraq El Aliya is a very tall and well-conformed horse, with a smooth balanced body, and a strong hindquarter, he has a very beautiful face with huge full black eyes and small ears. He is an extremely prepotent breeding stallion and regularly passes on these features to his get. It is easy to see why he is sort after by breeders in the Gulf region and beyond.