Kuhaylan Strain




The word Kuhaylan derives from the black skin that Arabian horses have around their eyes.


They were thought to be the original strain type and it is believed that all Arabian horses came from this strain, with the sub-strains originating from combinations thereof.


Whilst many Straight Egyptian breeders have chosen to omit the Kuhaylan strain from their programs, Sheikh Abdulla and Sheikh Ahmed recognise the importance of diversity within the breed, and have recently included some outstanding representatives of the Kuhaylan strain in the Al Waab Breeding Program. 


They are renowned for great strength, they may often be bay in colour with fine silken hair coats and large dark eyes. Their bone is heavier but not coarse.





DF Dalila

(Miad Al Shaqab x DF Djemila) 




Yabrin Elalya

(Ansata Nile Echo x Yamama Al Naif)